The Best Beaches in Ecuador

Its location in the western part of South America has graced Ecuador with some of the most beautiful beaches on the continent. The high season is just a couple of months away, and we decided to share our recommendations with you.

Santa Marianita

Known for its seasonal high winds, the beach of Santa Marianita is a heaven for surfers. The long coastal line of over 8km allows you to keep away from other tourists and just reunite with the sea and the waves.


Known as the favorite vacation place for the rich Ecuadorians as well as international tourists, the beach line of Canoa offers some great yoga retreat centers as well as small fishing villages.


For those looking for a long beach walk, the long coastal beach of Mompiche is the perfect setting. Locals usually come here to just swim or relax while having a drink or watching the sunset.


If you like to have a more urban feeling even while at the beach and to enjoy loud music and an active nightlife—this is the place for you. Surrounded by hotels, restaurants and clubs, this golden beach is one of the favorite places among locals.

Los Frailes

Situated inside the Machlilla National Park, the beach of Los Frailes offers many options for trekking its sandstone cliffs and golden sands. This is a true piece of genuine nature, and as such rangers operating in the National Park prevent people from surfing or making noise on the beach.