The Best Culture Sites In Luxembourg

The small country of Luxembourg is rich in culture and museums. The capital of Luxembourg and the largest city in the country—the city of Luxembourg (La Ville Luxembourg)—has a rich history dating back to the tenth century. 

It is very nice to take a stroll in the narrow streets of the Old Quarter, which were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are full of restaurants, museums, and shops. Do not miss a walk on the fortified city walls, which offer wonderful views of the area.

Despite its modest dimensions, the city of Luxembourg has a large number of excellent museums in a variety of areas of interest.

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One of the recommended ones is the National Museum of History and Art, with an impressive collection of art works from the Gallo-Romanian period and twentieth-century art. In the historical wing, you will find coins, weapons, archeological exhibits, documents, and photographs.

Another recommended museum is the Museum of Modern Art (MUDAM), housed in an impressive structure designed by Chinese-American architect Io Ming Pai, who designed, among other things, the Pyramid of the Louvre.

The city also has unique museums—including the Bank Museum, the Science Museum, the Nature Museum, the Police Museum, the Carriage Museum, the Toy Museum, and others.