The Best Locations for Wildlife Spotting in Australia

Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne, Australia Photo by Joseph Pérez on Unsplash

If there’s one thing that The Land Down Under is known for, it’s its incredible wildlife. From cuddly koalas and bouncy kangaroos to venomous snakes and dinosaur-like birds, Australia is the place to be for anyone with an interest in unique and fascinating creatures. If you’re a wildlife enthusiast planning a trip to Australia, know that there are plenty of places where you can get up close and personal with the local fauna. Read on to learn more about three of the best locations for wildlife spotting.

The Great Barrier Reef

Visitors to the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland can expect to see an array of colorful fish, sea turtles, and even whales and dolphins. Entrance fees start at $115 for a One Day Tour and vary depending on which activities you choose to participate in.

Kakadu National Park

The Kakadu National Park in Australia’s Northern Territory is a great place to spot crocodiles in their natural habitat. Visitors can also see an abundance of birdlife, wallabies, and even wild horses. Entry for adults costs $40 per person during the dry season, and family passes are available at a discounted rate.

Phillip Island Nature Parks

While penguins may not be the first animal that comes to mind when considering Australian wildlife, the Phillip Island Nature Parks in Victoria is actually a great place to see penguins up close. Visitors can watch the famous “Penguin Parade” as hundreds of little penguins waddle up the beach to their burrows. We recommend purchasing the Four Parks Pass, which includes the best view of the Parade as well as opportunities to interact with koalas, birds, and more.