The Best Street Food Seoul Has To Offer

For the foodies out there, no visit to a cosmopolitan city is complete without sampling the street food on offer. Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, is known for its various historical sites, shopping, and nightlife. However, its street food scene is just as good as Bangkok’s or Osaka’s. When you hit the streets of Seoul, here are the foods you have to try.


The easiest way to describe this street food is as a rice based cake drenched in a spicy red sauce called gochujang. It tastes a bit like a tomato sauce that has hot sauce added to it. These are always very hot, so don’t burn yourself!


You will see these on every street corner. They are a palm-sized pieces of bread with a baked egg inside. Koreans will grab one of these on their way to work for breakfast. 

Gamja Hot Dog

These might look a bit like corn dogs, but they are ten times better. The hot dog is breaded, and then deep-fried hash browns are added to the dough. Then the whole thing is fried again. This is definitely not a healthy treat, but it is a delicious one.