The Best Tourist Attractions in San Marino

San Marino
San Marino. Photo by Matteo Panara on Unsplash

San Marino is an intriguing destination for many tourists. Surrounded by Italy and covering an area of just 24 square miles, this microstate holds the claim as the world’s oldest surviving republic. However, its size and history is not the only reason why more than two million people visit San Marino each year. The country has some fantastic tourist attractions that are well worth the trip. Here are the best of them.

Piazza della Libertà

Piazza della Libertà is the principal city square in the city of San Marino. It attracts tourists with its neoclassical architecture and several points of interest, including the town hall known as Palazzo Pubblico and the white marble sculpture Statua della Libertà (The Statue of Liberty). Palazzo Pubblico was modeled after Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio, albeit on a smaller scale.

Guaita, De La Fratta, and Montale

There are three towers—Guaita, De La Fratta, and Montale—looking over the city of San Marino. Each is unique in its design and features. For example, Guaita is the oldest of the three and was proclaimed World Heritage Site in 2008. De La Fratta has a museum to honor the state’s founder Saint Marinus, while Montale, which served as a prison in the past, is the only one not open to the public.

Museo di Stato

Lastly, a visit to Museo di Stato is something you definitely shouldn’t miss. It has exhibits dedicated to the country of San Marino, but its collection also contains various antiques, relics, and artworks, including items from Ancient Egypt and paintings from Renaissance painters.