The Best Yoga Retreats Around the World

If your love of travel also happens to coincide with an interest in yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, yoga retreats may be a perfect way for you to see the world while also getting to enjoy some peace and quiet. Here are three yoga retreat options you can consider attending next time you get the chance.

Body and Mind Holidays, Vouliagmeni, Greece

Located near Athens, this mind and body yoga retreat offers daily yoga, pilates, and gentle therapeutic water exercise all in the stunning, hilly Vouliagmeni, Greece. You can also enjoy the local beaches and Parnitha Mountains with the retreat’s offers of activities like trekking.

Akasha Yoga & Wellness, Transylvania, Romania

While Transylvania may hold more associations of vampires than yoga for you, the Akasha retreat located in a quaint village in the mountains of Transylvania is an amazing escape from the hustle and bustle of Europe. With pure air, stunning views, and delicious vegan food, this family-run retreat will leave you feeling amazing.

Rasa Retreat, Goa, India

India is a classic location for a yoga retreat and this one doesn’t disappoint. An authentic full yogi experience, Rasa Retreat offers a peaceful and beautiful setting, highly knowledgeable yoga teachers, and access to excursions in the nearby jungle.