The Bridges of Ljubljana, Slovenia Have an Amazing Story to Tell

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Photo by Eugene Kuznetsov on Unsplash

The first thing you’ll notice while strolling through Ljubljana’s city center are the many bridges spanning the Ljubljanica River. They’re all unique in their own right and have incredible backstories.

Dragon Bridge

Built at the turn of the 20th century, this Art Nouveau bridge is one of Ljubljana’s most recognizable landmarks. It’s decorated with sheet-copper dragon statues since there were many myths and legends throughout the history of the city concerning dragons.

Triple Bridge

Designed by the legendary Slovene architect Jože Plečnik, this structure consists of three bridges across the Ljubljanica River. They represent the connecting link between the historical, medieval part of the city with the more modern area on the other side of the river.

Cobblers’ Bridge

Also known as Shoemakers’ Bridge, this bridge once provided room for cobblers’ workshops and it’s another great example of Jože Plečnik’s architectural legacy.

Butchers’ Bridge

Also designed by Jože Plečnik, Butchers’ Bridge is connected to the Ljubljana Central Market, and it’s impossible to miss for more reasons than one. It’s home to several eye-catching sculptures of mythical and religious figures, and it’s the best place in Ljubljana to leave behind love padlocks with your significant other.