The Dominican Republic Will Knock You Off Your Feet with Its Stunning National Parks

Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic. Photo by Nicolas Hoizey on Unsplash

The Dominican Republic is one of the most magical countries in the Caribbean, and its natural beauty has to be seen to be believed. Many of its most breathtaking natural marvels are safely tucked away inside its many national parks, and here are some of the very best.

Monte Cristi National Park

Located on the border with Haiti, Monte Cristi will win you over with its coastal lagoons and beautiful beaches. It offers one of the best snorkeling experiences in all of the Dominican Republic because it’s home to one of the country’s most stunning coral reefs.

Los Tres Ojos National Park

Due to its close proximity to the capital city Santo Domingo, Los Tres Ojos is one of the most visited attractions in this country. It’s home to a dramatic limestone cave with three crystal clear lakes that it was named after.

Jaragua National Park

Jaragua National Park is the largest protected area in the Caribbean region. It’s home to hundreds of endemic species, and you can find tropical forests, islands, and a saltwater lagoon on its grounds.

Los Haitises National Park

Known as Ha Long Bay of the Caribbean, Los Haitises National Park is the crown jewel of the Dominican Republic, and its limestone karsts covered with mangrove forests are a sight to behold.