The Falkland Islands is One of the World’s Most Unique Destinations

Photo by Paul Carroll on Unsplash

When you think about South America, what comes to mind? You probably think of the Spanish and Portuguese languages, warm weather, and vibrant cultures. What likely doesn’t come to mind is a place like the Falkland Islands, a British archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean located just 300 miles off of the coast.

Twice-weekly flights from the UK and regular flights from Chile and Brazil connect this remote archipelago with the rest of the world. While it’s isolated and hard to reach, once you arrive, you will immediately fall in love with this archipelago and realize that all of the effort was so worth it.

Located on the 52nd parallel south and only 750 miles from the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, the climate on the Falkland Islands is cool and damp. This gives way to a tough environment in which to live, proven by the islands’ low population of just over 2,000.

However, for visitors, the Falkland Islands provide so much to do. Outdoor lovers will fall in love with this place and its numerous opportunities for exploration. From biking trails to hikes along oceanside cliffs, anyone looking to escape in a natural paradise will find beauty and solitude here.

Accommodations are available in hotels in the capital city of Stanley as well as guest houses and cottages scattered throughout the archipelago’s biggest islands. Travel from island to island is possible via small aircraft and boats, meaning that you don’t have to stick only to the main island.

The Falkland Islands are open and ready to surprise you. Be sure to check them out if you can!