The Futuristic Pod Hostel of India

India is famous for its sacred spaces and holy Shiva temples. Many people flock to India to have a spiritual experience or to watch the holy men bathing in the Ganges River.

Often times when we think of the word futuristic, we think of somewhere like Japan or Amsterdam. But India is breaking stereotypes with its futuristic Urbanpod hostel.

Its sleek design is enough to leave backpackers in awe with its futuristic side panels. If you’re a big fan of Kubrick’s movie 2001: Space Odyssey, then this hostel is for you. Even if you aren’t a sci-fi fan, you’d like to experience this hostel at least once after viewing these pictures.

Mumbai Fun

This hostel is in the center of Mumbai, so you can leave your hostel and still be in the bustling city center. This hostel is perfect for introverts or people who need some quiet time because you’ll be able to close the door to your pod and have more private time.

Out of This World

This pod hostel is certainly one of its kind in Asia, and it seems like this could be the future of hostels. What do you think?