The Grounds of Alexandria Offers Sydney’s Most Epic Dining Experience

Sydney has so many amazing cafés and restaurants to pick from, but if you had to settle for a single one, the choice would be surprisingly obvious. The Grounds of Alexandria is one of the city’s most magical spots and it offers a wonderful dining experience that you’ll never forget.

Defining this popular landmark with one word alone is a mission impossible. Even its official website describes it as “cafe, restaurant and bar, garden, bakery and patisserie, coffee roastery, animal farm, florist, markets and more” all wrapped in one, inside a former pie factory in one of Sydney’s most opulent suburbs.

Another great thing about the Grounds of Alexandria is that you can visit it hundreds of times and always have a different experience. Themed gardens, decorations, and dishes are a common practice at this Instagram-friendly spot, divided into several different sections that offer a unique experience for food and coffee lovers.

Just like their name suggests, The Grounds is located in Sydney’s suburb of Alexandria, not too far away from Sydney Park. It’s usually open between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m., but separate sections have different working hours, and walk-ins are welcomed if you’re ready to wait.