Health Benefits of Being Outdoors

Photo by Francesco Gallarotti on Unsplash

Getting outside from time to time is vitally important for the body and mind. It creates a sense of well-being that, well let’s face it, no other activity can. Here are just some of the reasons you need to get outside:

It recharges the body

Being outdoors gives the body a break from the day to day routine. When you’re outside on a sunny day you give your body a vitamin D boost. If you’re a city dweller, breathing in a lungful or two of fresh air will also give your body an oxygen boost.

It reminds you of who you are

Outdoor activities take many of us back to the fond memories of our childhoods, where responsibilities were few and opportunities for fun were many. It also gives us a chance to reconnect with the person we were which is connected to the person we are.

It challenges you

Being outdoors and doing activities you are unfamiliar with will challenge you and make you dig deep to find the courage and strength to complete them. This boosts your self-confidence.

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