“The London Resort” Project in Kent is Being Hailed as “The UK’s Answer To Disney”

Rumors of a new theme park in the UK have been circulating for some time now. Following the 2012 Olympics, plans of a new theme park were announced for 2019, only things have been kept pretty quiet since.

It was previously announced that the London Resort would be pairing up with ITV Studios and BBC. Recently, however, things got taken to the next level when it was announced that the park has signed a huge deal with Paramount Pictures. 

The park is reported to be the size of 136 Wembley Stadiums and will feature some of the studio’s biggest attractions. Although no attractions have yet been confirmed, we are anticipating Paramount classics such as The Godfather and Mission: Impossible to feature. 


Unfortunately, the park is not scheduled to open until 2024. When it does open, it will be Europe’s biggest theme park and 200 acres will be dedicated to theme park attractions. 

The London Resort may be facing a string of delays, but the £5 billion ($6.25 billion) is definitely one to watch out for further down the line.