The Moai of Easter Isle

Photo by Thomas Griggs on Unsplash

Easter Isle stands as a historic cultural site off the coast of Chile. The statues otherwise known as moai may look familiar to you but the wonder of this UNESCO site is unfathomable without seeing the monumental sculptures in person. There are still over 7,000 residents on Easter Isle to this day and a majority of the population are descendants from the Rapa Nui people who first built the hundreds of moai. The first evidence of settlement on the island by indigenous peoples dates back to around 700 AD. When visiting the island you are able to feel the deep history of its people and sense the legacy carried on by the current inhabitants and landscape.

Easter Isle is a true testament of a world heritage site, now protected to ensure its long existence. Visitors are able to visit the island in guided and much more conciensence ways in order to have the least degradative environmental and cultural impact on the island and its many wonders.