The Most Iconic Trees From Around the World

Iconic trees
Warburton, Australia. Photo by Arnaud Mesureur on Unsplash

Chances are that trees are probably not on your list of must-visit spots in the world. However, these ancient trees are so old, extraordinary, and iconic that they actually attract tourists from all over the world. Here are four famous trees from around the world that are definitely worth a visit.

General Sherman, USA

To see the largest tree in the world you’ll have to visit the Giant Forest, located in the Sequoia National Park in California. This giant tree is 275 feet tall and over 36 feet in diameter, which makes it a giant among all other trees in this forest.

Boab Tree, Australia

The iconic Boab tree that was once used as a lockup for indigenous Australian prisoners is located near Derby in Western Australia. This large tree is 1500 years old and it’s hollow inside.

Arbol del Tule, Mexico

It’s estimated that this impressive tree is between 1,500 and 3,000 years old, which is why many people believe it’s one of the oldest in the world. Arbol del Tule stands tall in a churchyard in a town called Santa Maria del Tul in Mexico.

The Major Oak, United Kingdom

The Major Oak in Sherwood Forest is an ancient giant and one of the most iconic trees in the world that is also around 1000 years old.