The Most Mind-Blowing Hotel Lobbies in the World

Photo: kirkandmimi/Pixabay

Today we celebrate the architecture of hotel lobbies from all around the world. The creations you’ll see below are so unique that you’ll want to book a room immediately.

Al Bustan Palace, Oman

Welcome to one of the most beautiful hotel lobbies in the world. Al Bustan Palace is a Ritz-Carlton Hotel that is decorated in the most opulent way. It features a private beach, exclusive rooms and the experience of a lifetime. The gold details all over the lobby make it so unique and luxurious-looking.

Raffles Hotel, Singapore

This amazing lobby is a part of one of the most luxurious hotels in Singapore. The Raffles is well-known among celebrities and stars, thanks to its stunning look. It was first opened back in 1887.

Four Seasons Resort, Bali

Officially the best hotel in the world for 2018. This wonderful creation also has one of the most stunning hotel lobbies ever. It’s all so surreal, located in the most untouched nature. Forget about crowded cities, and let’s just move to Bali.

Aman Hotel, Tokyo

The lobby in the Aman Hotel is so huge and luxurious that it’s hard not to leave an impression. The hotel takes over six floors from the Otemachi Tower and has a breath-taking view of the city.