The Most Popular Brunch Spots in LA

Los Angeles, California.
Los Angeles, California. Photo by Olenka Kotyk on Unsplash

One thing the American west in known for is, quite simply, how big it is. Everything is larger-than-life, literally, and in some cases, metaphorically—and restaurants are no exception. In a place like Los Angeles, food gimmicks that are as good for a post on Instagram as they are genuinely tasty are the name of the game. And everyone knows the classiest, yummiest meal is invariably brunch. So, here are some brunch spots that fit the bill!


Designed to look like an old French cafe with soaring architecture reminiscent of Tangiers rather than Paris, this ultra-popular cafe will make your tummy and your camera very happy. There’s even a visible breadmaking area so you can watch the food creation in action.

Beverly Hills Hotel Jazz Brunch

According to The Venue Report, this brunch is the most commonly posted on Instagram in LA…and for good reason. It’s a full sensory experience with classical jazz music, a lush courtyard setting, unique food, and even a chance to see a celebrity or two in person. If you’re looking for a spare-no-expense, it-girl-worthy time then this is the reservation to make.

Met Her at a Bar

If you’re looking for a more unassuming, classic brunch spot, try this local neighborhood restaurant. With slightly-larger-than-life classic brunch fare and a large, dedicated customer base you still may want to save your place in line to get a table.