The Most Walkable Cities In The World

Caminito, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Caminito, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

Walking is definitely the best way to explore new cities while traveling, but unfortunately, it’s not always possible to visit all tourist spots on foot. That’s why today we are talking about the most walkable cities in the world that are practically made for tourists who love to walk.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

With its beautiful architecture and colorful neighborhoods, Buenos Aires is made for city walks and you can join free walking tours every day of the week.

New York, USA

Sounds weird that New York is actually pedestrian-friendly since we all know that this city is huge. The truth is however that exploring the streets of Manhattan on foot is a unique experience, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on walking down the iconic Fifth Avenue, visiting the Brooklyn bridge, or exploring Central Park.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver has been named the most walkable city in Canada, which means that it’s perfect for tourists who love exploring new places on foot.

Florence, Italy

Florence has limited access to vehicles in some areas of the city and cars are basically banned in the city center. That’s why exploring this charming, historic city in Italy is more convenient on foot.