The Only Disney World Hack You Need to Have the Best Time

Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL.
Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL. Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

Disney World is known as the happiest place on Earth, but families who have planned trips there know how stressful it can be. It’s definitely fun and makes all childhood dreams come true, but it can also get overwhelming. There are many tips for making this process easier but not all of them work. Here’s the best thing you can do.  

If you just focus on getting three things done as early as you can, you will prevent a lot of stress. These things include accommodation, food, and FastPass+.


You can book accommodation in advance starting from August one year for the next year. You can even book a room earlier than that and wait for them to adjust the prices in August and adjust your reservation. This is a big part of the vacation and you’ll be more content knowing you have a nice place to stay.  


The next thing is food, and it’s a good thing that you can reserve a place at Disney restaurants for months in advance. This will mean a lot when you arrive and see that everything is booked and your place is waiting for you.  


The FastPass+ card is used to get out of lines and you can use it for up to three credits per group member per day. Research the rides and attractions and make a plan how to use them, then book the rides in advance.   

It may seem like additional work, but you can spread this over the weeks and even months before the vacation and go there completely prepared to enjoy everything Disney World has to offer.