The Pros and Cons of Workaway

Photo: alexandra_madridcanka/Instagram

Workaway has been a popular trend among millennials and people who seek adventure and thrilling experience. Oftentimes, these travels can be an enlightening experience, but they can also be a wet blanket when we’re riddled with issues.

Despite the trials that might come ahead, Workaway helps to build your work resume and show your willingness for new experiences and meeting people. It’s also a great way to discover new interests and to build friendships.

Everything has its pros and cons, and this article will hopefully help you decide to see if Workaway is right for you, and what possibilities it may bring.

Gain New Experiences

By travelling to a new country, you’ll learn its ways. You’ll become more familiar with the dialect, you’ll taste the foods of their culture, and you might even find yourself singing in a foreign language at some point.

The downside? You might miss home in your first few weeks abroad – but all those homesick feelings can be swept away when you immerse yourself in the experience rather than what isn’t there.

Make New Friends

You’ll meet people from all walks of life. You might meet people from a country you’ve never even heard of before and hear of what their life is like. Whenever you join Workaway, you’re most likely not doing it by yourself, since you’ll be surrounded with people who are doing similar things as you.

The downside? You might have to be more extroverted during Workaway, which might leave you mental exhausted – so make time for yourself during your travels and also realize that you need a break when things get stressful.

Overall, Workaway is an exciting experience that will leave you with new memories.