The Tarsiers of Bohol are the Ninjas of the Philippines

Photo by Nick Kulyakhtin on Unsplash

You know those big bug-eyed creatures with fur that you see nestling on treetops? Those are tarsiers. The tiny mammals love to leap from one tree to another.

Tiny Primates

They’re considered the smallest primates, and they take refuge in tall grasses and even long bamboo shoots. As a collective, they tend to lay themselves close to the ground and don’t frequent the roofs of the trees.

Nocturnal and Hungry

Tarsiers usually feed on the smaller rung of the food pyramid. Their diet consists mainly of crustaceans and small bugs. Since they have tiny bodies, their desire to hunt for prey isn’t innate. These shy creatures like to be chill and eat whatever tiny bug crosses their path.

Extinction Danger

These tiny primates are located in the Philippines, Borneo, and Indonesia. They’re becoming extinct sadly, and the Philippine Tarsier Foundation is fighting to keep the 700 primates alive on the islands. Hopefully, these tarsiers last for many more years to come.