The Top Travel Bags Of 2020

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Just because we are experiencing a pandemic, it doesn’t mean travel has stopped completely. You can still travel locally and enjoy a staycation in a neighboring state or city. That means you need a travel bag, and here are our top three picks for 2020. 

Black Hole® Wheeled Duffel Bag (Patagonia, $409)

For duffel bags, our top choice is the Black Hole style from Patagonia. This versatile duffel bag is easy to pack—as the entire top zips open—and it contains some mesh dividers. On top of that, the bag has wheels and a pull-up handle, which transforms it into an easy-to-pull wheelie bag. We all need to be environmentally conscious, which is one of Patagonia’s ethos—and this bag is made from recycled materials. 

Boxford Travel Bag (Longchamp, $410)

If you have been looking for a stylish weekend bag, then the Longchamp Boxford bag is a clear winner. It features the classic leather accents associated with the brand, and the waterproof body that has made the bags famous. There is enough space for a couple changes of clothes and a toiletry bag. 

Maxlite 5 (Travelpro, $118)

For those on a budget, the Maxlite 5 is an excellent soft shell wheeled bag. It meets the airline industry’s size restrictions for cabin baggage, and it contains enough storage the contents of the bag won’t move around in transit.

Grab your bag, and head off on a staycation!