The Ukelele Is The Perfect Traveler’s Instrument

Photo by Mineragua Sparkling Water on Unsplash

Are you a musician getting ready for a fun trip abroad? If so, there’s a chance you may have already considered bringing an instrument with you on your trip. Perhaps you’ve already gone through the pros and cons, but we’re here to ease your worries if you’re looking for a reason to bring one. While yes, an expensive guitar might be not a great idea to bring—we’re here to convince you that a ukelele is an excellent option—and here’s why.

Small and Compact

The ukelele is just about the most practical instrument you can bring with you. It’s tiny, compact, and essentially weightless. You can pretty much bring it in your carry-on if you so desire and we don’t even mean the large kind of carry-on—you could probably fit some ukeleles into an actual backpack! It also weighs so little that you won’t even notice it’s with you while traveling, so bringing one is a no-brainer.

Beautiful Sounds

Not only is it easy to carry around, but it sounds delightful as well. If you’re going to be hanging around other people, your ukelele will be the belle of the ball during toasty campfires or hangouts at your hostel. If you’re traveling alone, this ukelele will also provide you with much-needed joy in those lonelier moments when they come.