The Waterfalls of Serbia are as Stunning as it Gets

Serbia waterfalls
Serbia. Photo by Wise Clown on Unsplash

Serbia is one of Europe’s most underrated countries, but passionate tourists are slowly starting to discover its limitless beauty. Nature lovers will immediately fall in love with this country because it’s home to many amazing hidden gems, and its waterfalls are truly top of the line.

Lisine Waterfall

Lisine, also known as Veliki Buk, was long considered the highest waterfall in Serbia. Due to its huge popularity over the years, it’s much easier to access than the majority of other waterfalls in this country, and there are even many restaurants and walking trails close to it.

Prskalo Waterfall

If you’re in the mood to discover Serbia’s hidden gems that aren’t so easy to access, make sure to check out this stunning waterfall which slowly drips from a 15-meter-high rock formation.

Pilj Waterfall

Located in close proximity to the Bulgarian border, one of Serbia’s highest waterfalls has only been discovered two decades ago, and tourists have been in awe of its natural beauty ever since.

Tupavica Waterfall

Located in the very heart of the Balkan Mountains, this cascading waterfall is pretty small but fierce. It’s truly amazing to watch the water drip over the dark red rocks and green moss and grass before flowing to Dojkinac River.