The Yacht Week: A Fabulous Floating Experience

Photo by Ivan Ragozin on Unsplash

While travel is slowly coming back to our lives there are still social distancing measures that need to be followed for many countries. If you want a vacation where you can let loose with your closest friends, and still enjoy the sun and the sand, book a yacht with The Yacht Week. 

The Yacht Week is hosted in a number of destinations throughout the year, amond them are Croatia, Greece, Sardinia, British Virgin Islands, and Montenegro. Sailors from around the globe head to their designated boat, with the crew of their choice (think your nearest and dearest friends).

From there, you and your crew sail from sun-soaked port to sun-soaked port. Along the way, you meet fellow sailors who are also a part of The Yacht Week. At night, the sailboats moor together in a flotilla and spend the evening cooking up delicious food, blasting great music, and simply enjoying life.

The Boats

Of course, you are probably wondering what the sailboats are like. They are top of the line vessels, and all of them feature private cabins, berths, and full bathrooms. Each boat is equipped with a skipper who will teach the crew how to sail, and if you already know how then it will be that much easier. A crew spot starts at $520 for the week, but there are special prices for crews who want to rent an entire yacht.