These Are The Happiest Countries in the World

Town square in Copenhagen, Denmark from above
Town square in Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo by Svend Nielsen on Unsplash

How does one define happiness? It’s hard enough to analyze such a thing on an individual level, let alone on the scale of a whole country! That’s what makes this list almost impossible to put together, and yet we believe we’ve done a solid job. So now, let’s dive into one of the most intriguing questions out there: which countries are the happiest in the world?


For some reason, whenever this subject gets brought up, Finland gets mentioned without fail every single time. So why is Finland such a happy country? Well, it turns out that their education system is one of the highest in the world, with teachers who are all required to have Master’s degrees. In addition, Finland is one of the leading countries when it comes to equal opportunity.


To start things off, it doesn’t hurt that Denmark is one of the most “bike-friendly” countries in the world. Just that sentence alone helps us understand why people there would be happy. However, the citizens of Denmark also have a strong trust in their government, as well as overall happiness in their work-life.


Apparently, Icelandic citizens stick by each other through and through. When times are tough, the locals relayed that they’re happy knowing that they’ve got friends who will have their back. In other words, people from Iceland are happy because they’re just good people. Oh yeah, that and the fact that they have incredible views they can check out whenever they feel like it.