These Countries are the Kings of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Amalfi Coast, Italy. Photo by Jan Tielens on Unsplash

UNESCO is an arm of the United Nations that looks to promote peace and security through international cooperation, largely in the realm of culture and sciences. One of its most famous initiatives is its World Heritage Sites, where important places on both a cultural and natural level are designated and protected by the organization. Do you know which countries have the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites? These nations are the kings of these valuable places.

China (55)

The most populous country in the world is also the one with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With an incredibly rich cultural and natural heritage, you will find world-famous sites like the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City of Beijing are two of the best-known.

Italy (55)

A center of culture and the former home of the Roman Empire, the modern-day country of Italy equals China’s 55 World Heritage sites. The heritage of the Roman Empire is heavily featured within the ranks of Italy’s sites, as are natural areas like the Amalfi Coast.

Spain (48)

Another southern European country comes in at third on the list, as Spain has a whopping total of 48 World Heritage sites. You’ll find plenty of places related to Spain’s rich history in which Christian, Jewish, and Muslim influences can still be found to this day to be a large driver of the number of sites you’ll find.