They Do What? The Truth About Airline Food

Image by singaporeair/Instagram

When you’re on a long-haul flight, you might be concerned about the food you’re offered. But are you right to be? There are a few things you should know about standard airline fare.

Stay away from the water

Except if it’s bottled, and the bottle is opened in front of you. That’s because the water in the spigots might be contaminated with E. coli if it hasn’t been tested in a while.

Food tastes different in the air

Because of the high altitude and lower humidity during a flight, the food you eat will taste quite different than it would on the ground. Although chefs try to work around this, expect your senses to be dulled during a flight.

No, you can’t have a substitute

Because airline food isn’t actually cooked on board, it’s impossible for substitutions to be made to the pre-prepared meals. When booking a flight, check the special menu options that are available. You might get a meal more suited to you that way.

Drink alcohol at your own risk

You might have noticed that airline travel causes dehydration. That’s why drinking alcohol during a flight is not recommended, as it further dehydrates you. It also has a greater effect at altitude, which is why attendants sometimes refuse to serve someone with more alcohol.