Things Every Traveler Should Do When Entering a Hotel Room

Image by bikson walder from Pixabay

With the recent bed bug outbreak in Paris still making waves on social media, the question of how to avoid the little critters has also become a hot topic among travelers. Hotels are a hotbed for infestations, but because they tend to see so many people, bed bugs are just one potential concern that staying in a hotel can bring. To keep yourself and your belongings safe and clean, here are some things you should always do as soon as you enter a hotel room. 

Check for Bed Bugs

Before you start to unpack or get comfortable, inspect the room thoroughly for any signs of bed bugs. Lift the sheets to examine the mattress seams, check the headboard, and go over any other furniture nearby, as bed bugs often hide in upholstery. Look for small reddish-brown bugs or tiny black dots, which could be bed bug feces. If you find any, ask for a room change.

Safety First

If your hotel room has a safe, place your passport, electronics, and any other valuable items inside and lock it with a code that you can easily remember. To ensure your room is secure, double-check that the windows and doors lock properly. Most hotel rooms will also have a map of the building and emergency plan near the front door, so give them a glance to familiarize yourself with what to do should an emergency arise.

Sanitize High-Touch Surfaces

Hotel rooms are supposed to be thoroughly cleaned between guests. While it’s usually fairly easy to tell if the towels are fresh and the sheets have been changed, there’s no guarantee that all of the surfaces in a room have been sanitized. To avoid coming in contact with any illness-causing germs, go over high-traffic objects such as the phone, remote, and light switches with disinfectant wipes.