Things to Do in the Mystic City of Safed

Safed, Israel
Safed, Israel. Photo by Joshua Sukoff on Unsplash

While it’s not a very internationally-known city, Safed, Israel (also called Tzfat) has plenty of things to interest and attract visitors. The highest city in Israel, Safed is also known as a center for mysticism and Kabbalah. If you get a chance to pay it a visit, here are some of the things we recommend you do.


Located right in the middle of Safed, the Metsudah (or Citadel) is a big part of the city’s history, as everybody who has ever tried to occupy it, including the Crusaders and the Mamluks, has used this post strategically. From the archeological digs to the grassy lawn, there’s plenty to look at and enjoy.

The Ancient Cemetery

If you’re open to something a little off the beaten path, it’s highly recommended to make a stop at Safed’s ancient cemetery, which houses the remains of some of the most well-known Kabbalah rabbis (and non-Kabbalah) rabbis of Jewish history.

The Artist’s Quarter

A great place for an afternoon stroll, Safed’s artist’s quarter is full of beautiful stone houses, galleries in artists’ homes, sweet restaurants, and shops where you can pick up some souvenirs like paintings, jewelry, ceramics, and other art.