Things to Know About Digital Nomadism in a Not-Quite-Post Corona World

Life as a digital nomad
Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash

Digital nomadism, which refers to people who use technology to work while traveling around, has been on the rise for several years now, but it’s now reaching a very interesting period in its development. After all, COVID-19 has changed everything, so why wouldn’t it have changed digital nomadism?

Now, companies are more open to remote work than ever before. After all, the Coronavirus lockdowns proved that it actually is possible to run your business with your entire workforce working from home. And with many employees unwilling to give up the pleasures of remote work, a large number of companies have created permanent work from home policies. In theory, this is great for digital nomads, who now have more job opportunities than ever.

But another thing that COVID has changed in a less favorable way? Travel. Getting around from country to country is harder than we’ve ever seen it in our lifetimes, with vaccine statuses and green passports and testing and quarantines providing barrier after barrier. So while getting a remote job might be easier, figuring out where to take it is much more complicated.

All things considered, one thing’s for sure: people who are committed to the digital nomad lifestyle will find a way to take advantage of this new wave in remote work, one way or another.