This Trick Will Help You Get to Know a New City

Photo by Behzad Ghaffarian on Unsplash

When visiting a new city, there are countless things you can do to explore it. Whether it’s looking at nature, visiting art museums, or checking out popular landmarks, there are multiple ways to get to know a city. But if you ask us, there’s one thing you can do that helps you get to know a city better than most. And it’s something that rarely ever gets talked about. Want to truly get to know a city? Ride the train.

Live and Breathe Like a Local

There’s a reason that people always make fun of tourists. It’s because while tourists roam around with their fancy cameras on their hotshot tour busses, the locals feel like visitors still don’t really know what their hometown is all about. In locals’ eyes, tourists are here for the cake and frosting, and have yet to taste the meat and potatoes.

Riding the train is a way to truly live like a local. Whether it’s an above-ground tram or an underground subway, there’s something about riding it that connects you with everyone on there.

On trains, you see people on their commute to work. You feel their emotions. You get as close as you possibly can get to understanding what it means to live day-to-day in the city. And if you ask us, when you know the people, you know the city even better than just its historical landmarks.