Three Islands That Have To Be Seen

Photo by Xavier Coiffic on Unsplash

No one can argue that an island has serious vacation appeal—with guaranteed beaches, the ocean, and the sights, sounds and tastes of island life, wherever you are in the world, islands can make for an amazing holiday. Check out these three, with each offer something a little unique, and let yourself feel inspired when planning your next trip away.

Con Dao, Vietnam

A quiet, relatively unvisited island located off the south coast of Vietnam, Con Dao offers visitors unspoilt beaches, luxury resorts, and the opportunity to watch rare turtles hatch in the white sands (depending on the time of year). There is a nearby reef which offers fantastic snorkelling, and the small town has plenty of restaurants offering delicious, authentic food.


How does warm, tropical water, endless white beaches, a reef for snorkelling, and stunning resorts sound for your next vacation? Then head for Mauritius – lying 500 miles east of Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean, this island is sure to deliver on an unforgettable trip. By day, swim in the warm sea or sunbathe on the gorgeous beaches. By night, visit a trendy bar, stroll along the beach under the stars, or try some of the delicious seafood caught fresh that day.

Nevis, Caribbean

The birth-place of Alexander Hamilton, like other islands in the Caribbean, Nevis offers plenty of white sand beaches and azure seas to swim in. It is also full of culture and history, it is possible to take a taxi tour around the island to learn about this fascinating place and its people. Visit the rainforests, and spot some of the monkeys which call this island home, or charter a sailboat to see some marine life instead.

By their very nature, islands are harder to reach than mainland destinations, and if you go slightly off season you can experience a paradise without sharing it with crowds of people. The islands listed here are true jewels, but any island is bound to offer interest, beauty, and nature.