Three Must See Mountains In Japan (That Aren’t Mount Fuji)

Mount Kita, Minami-arupusu, Japan
Mount Kita, Minami-arupusu, Japan. Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

Japan is an exceptionally beautiful country, famed for crystal clear springs, snow capped mountains and serene lakes. If you’re visiting, the chances are you will see the famous peak of Mount Fuji, but there are other mountains in Japan that are well worth visiting.

Mount Kita

Standing at 3193 metres (making it just a bit smaller than Fuji), this beautiful mountain is greener and more verdant than the famous Fuji. Hiking is relatively easy, and you can guarantee that the paths will be quieter and more peaceful than those on Fuji.

Mount Aino

The third highest peak in Japan, after Fuji and Kita, this mountain stands opposite Mount Kita. It’s possible to do a three mountains route that takes in Aino, Kita and Noutori, on which you’ll really make the most of the views available from the tops of these stunning mountains. Take care in winter, as heavy snowfall can make these routes more challenging.

Mount Hotaka

This stunning peak is located in central Japan, and is one of the mountains which makes up the Hotaka Mountain range. Several hiking routes are possible, although near the summit you’ll need good climbing and ice crampon skills.