Three National Parks For An Amazing Safari Experience

There are millions of species in this world, and we rarely have the opportunity to see everything that lives on this planet. Zoos are one way to see all those beautiful creatures, but safari is a much better way to get to know the wild world. If you’re more of a safari type, here are few locations where you can encounter amazing animals.   

National Park Serengeti  

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and also one of the oldest national parks in Africa, Serengeti is the place to visit if you want a fantastic safari trip. If you go during the migration period, you will be able to witness the magnificent species that live there, like zebras, giraffes, gorillas, and lions, all on their way to the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya.    

Kruger National Park  

This national park will offer you an unforgettable safari experience. You can see many impalas and antelopes, as they graciously jump across the impeccable beauty of the park. The ideal time to visit this park so you can see all the wildlife would be from May to September.  

Augrabies Falls National Park  

Augrabies is another beautiful national park, but besides the breathtaking wildlife, here you can also see the breathtaking Augrabies Falls.