3 Pubs In The British Countryside For Walkers

Devon, UK
Devon, UK. Photo by Cas Holmes on Unsplash

Pubs are one of the staples of the British countryside and make a great day out walking even better. Here are three pubs that are perfect at the end of a long hike.

The Warren House Inn, Devon

The Warren House Inn is settled in a remote part of Dartmoor and is the highest pub in Southern England. It is also famous for having a fireplace with a fire that has been burning continuously since 1845. As well as offering great pub food and local ales, it offers incredible views of the moorland that surrounds it. There are many routes that walkers can take from this pub, and the Bronze Age settlement of Grimspound is about 3 miles away.

The Prince of Wales, Somerset

This pub is about a 20-minute drive from Yeovil, and is situated at the top of Ham Hill. Somerset is famous for its flat plains, and as Ham Hill is one of the only significant hills in the area, the views from the top are spectacular. There are multiple ways to climb Ham Hill, and once at the top, walkers will find the Prince of Wales to be a friendly (and dog-friendly) pub that serves good food.

The Miners Rest, Bristol

The Miners Rest is found in Long Ashton, on the very edge of Bristol, and is one of the friendliest pubs in the area. Walkers can reach it by walking through Ashton Court from the center of Bristol, and there is a regular bus back into town. The pub sits at the top of Long Ashton and has amazing views of the valley below and the ridge of Dundry in the distance.