Three Quirky English Towns to Visit This Year

Petworth Park, Lewes, Sussex
Photo by Andy Newton on Unsplash

Across the UK, certain towns just have a particular vibe that sets them apart from others. Whether it’s the spiritual, mystical element which is found at the heart of Glastonbury in Somerset, the alternative, the hippy vibe in Devon’s Totnes, or the quirky, wholesome atmosphere in Lewes in Sussex, each of these towns leave an impression on the visitor and they stand out from the rest due to their individuality. Check out this guide to three of the best quirky towns to visit in the UK.

Glastonbury, Somerset

Whilst the nearby music festival has made the name of this town famous, many people don’t visit the town itself. All along its winding high street, you will find stores dedicated to magic, witchcraft, healing, Druidery and a range of other new age spiritual pursuits. Many of the residents of the town are fully committed to this lifestyle, and most of the cafes and eateries specialize in organic, vegan whole foods. If you’re in Glastonbury, don’t miss the sacred well just out of the centre of town, and make sure to take the (fairly steep) walk up to the ancient St Michael’s Tower on Glastonbury tor.

Totnes, Devon

There is a certain rebellious spirit which characterizes Totnes—when an international coffee chain tried to move into the town, locals blocked the planning permission, in favor of their small, local and independent cafes and restaurants. You will find a range of amazing independent shops, selling everything from handmade shoes to organic wild rice. If you’ve had enough of shops and cafes, check out the river walk which starts at the train station and goes towards Dartington Hall. It’s particularly beautiful in spring, when the flowers are blooming.

Lewes, Sussex

This town is not far from the city of Brighton (famed for its own independent spirit) and it boasts some of the best independent cafes in the UK. Check out the walk around the ancient fort, or go further afield and strike out onto one of the paths which lead to the Sussex downs.

These three towns are definitely worth a visit, for their great food, independent spirit and access to amazing walks.