3 Reasons You Have to Visit Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria. Photo by Anna Hunko on Unsplash

Autria’s stunning capital has plenty to offer visitors. Whether you’re here for the delicious pastries, beautiful scenery, or the incredible art and culture, this city is definitely a must-visit. Read on for three of the best things to do in this capital.

Stunning Architecture

Compared with other European cities, much of Vienna’s ancient center survives, so go and wonder at the beautiful City Hall, St Stephen’s Cathedral, and several royal palaces. It really does feel like stepping back in time, but you’ve got all the conveniences of a modern city around you.

Coffee-House Culture

Austrian pastries are world-famous for good reason, and in Vienna you can enjoy them in the beautiful surroundings of a traditional cafe or coffee-house. Sit here awhile and enjoy some people watching, or settle in with a good book.

Explore The Galleries

Vienna is home to many art galleries, in this city you can admire the works of famous artists including Klimt, Schiel and more. There are also a great number of museums, some of them dedicated to unusual and interesting topics, such as the Museum of Illusions.