Three Sisters: Peculiar Rock Formation in Australia’s Blue Mountains

If you’re a passionate nature lover and enjoy admiring the beauty of unusual rock formations, Australia will keep you on your toes. This country is home to many peculiar natural wonders—including the Three Sisters, safely tucked away in the very heart of the Blue Mountains.

This unusual rock structure was formed by land erosion after the cliffs surrounding the Jamison Valley broke up as the Blue Mountains eroded due to wind, rain, rivers, and volcanic eruptions.

Katoomba is the closest town located close to this unusual attraction, and it takes about an hour and a half to reach it from Sydney by car. The best place to get a glimpse of the Three Sisters is Echo Point Lookout, and you should get there on a sunny day to get a clear look. If you’re a passionate hiker, keep in mind you can use Echo Point as a gateway to many great trails and explore the Giant Stairway while you’re here.

In addition to being truly breathtaking, the Three Sisters come with an interesting backstory. According to the Aboriginal legend, they represent three women—Meehni, Wimlah, and Gunnedoo—who were turned to stone after their romance with men from a rival tribe came to a tragic end.