Three Unique And Beautiful Places for Daredevils

Photo by Jorge Tung on Unsplash

Do you want to live on the edge? The correct question would be – do you want to travel on the edge? Today we give you some unusual destinations, which may be a bit dangerous but will satisfy the daredevil within you.  

Danakil Desert, Eritrea 

Boiling temperatures of nearly 50°C, numerous active volcanoes and toxic gases. It’s hard to imagine an environment as brutal as the Danakil Desert in Africa. Many people call this place “Hell on Earth,” but it still attracts brave adventurers. Visiting this wilderness without an experienced guide is strictly forbidden.

Snake Island, Brazil 

Hidden off the coast of Brazil, the island is home to the world’s most venomous snakes. Herpetologists say that there are 5 snakes per square meter on average. The Brazilian government has banned access to the island after several deaths were reported.

Lake Natron, Tanzania 

This lake may look like it belongs to some other planet, but this is actually Lake Natron in Tanzania. The alkaline salt on the lake’s surface is so toxic that any living creature that comes in contact with it will die. For obvious reasons, swimming in this lake is strictly forbidden and the horrible smell of hydrogen sulfide will not allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery anyway.