Tips for Enjoying Your Window Seat

Photo by Joel Barwick on Unsplash

The opinions around window seats are, without a doubt, divided. While some people enjoy sitting next to the window and seeing the scenery below, others feel cramped and crowded while sitting in these seats.

If you find yourself sitting in the window seat, here are some tips that will help you to enjoy the experience.

Put Your Carry-On in the Overhead Locker

One key thing that you must do when sitting in a window seat is to put your carry-on item in the overhead locker. This will help you to have more legroom and to be able to stretch out under the seat in front of you during the route.

Know Your Route

If you’re going to be sitting in the window seat, you might as well know what you’ll be flying over, right? If you know the route that you’ll fly, you will be able to recognize interesting landmarks that you might fly over!

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask to Get Up

Some people are just too shy to ask to get up if they need to do so, and you can’t be timid in this situation. Don’t torture yourself, and ask your seatmates to allow you to get up if you need to use the restroom or stretch your legs!