Tips for Looking Good Straight Off the Airplane

Looking good after a flight
Photo by Atoms on Unsplash

Let’s be honest; most of us look pretty haggard on a flight, especially when it’s longer than just a couple of hours long. Between wearing your most comfortable outfit to help you deal with the inherent discomfort of being in a tiny airplane seat, the dry air, and the hours spent awake at strange hours, you can’t really expect to get off a flight looking your best. But what if you have a reason to try to look good immediately after a flight? What do you do? Here are our best tips.

Moisturize During the Flight

The recycled air on flights is incredibly harsh and drying to your skin and hair, so applying some moisturizer to the skin and nourishing oil to the hair mid-flight can go a long way to making you look fresher.

Bring a Change of Clothes

Needing to look good after a flight is no reason to suffer from sitting in anything less comfortable than sweatpants during the flight. So bring a change of clothes in your carry-on that doesn’t wrinkle easily and do a quick change in the bathroom at the gate when you land.

And a Small Beauty Kit

While you’re in that bathroom, you can make a big difference by applying some light makeup and running a brush through your hair. And our biggest pro tip? Brushing your teeth and spritzing some perfume can make a huge difference in making you feel more put-together, even if they don’t affect how you look.