Top 3 Cities to Visit in Hungary Besides Budapest

Eger, Hungary
Eger, Hungary. Photo by Molnár Bálint on Unsplash

When people decide to visit Hungary, they usually choose its capital Budapest. The city is the country’s most famous touristic destination and offers plenty to see and experience. But it sure isn’t the only one.

If you enjoyed your stay in Budapest and looking to explore Hungary further, or are looking for some gems that are not overcrowded with tourists, continue reading below.


Those looking for relaxation during their trip will find it in Heviz. The city, located around 120 miles from Budapest, is home to the world’s biggest thermal lake that you can swim in and offers numerous spa resorts that can help you recharge your batteries. Also, there is plenty to explore in the meantime, including Roman Ruins Garden and other medieval architecture, museums, galleries, and beautiful nature.


To see some of the most stunning Baroque buildings in this part of Europe, head to Eger. Hungary’s second-largest city is filled with fascinating castles, mansions, and churches that will please even the pickiest architecture buffs. And while you’re not sightseeing, you can enjoy a glass of the city’s famous Egri Bikaver wine or spend the day enjoying the spa treatment in Eger Thermal Bath.


Pecs is a city with a rich and turbulent history, having been ruled by Celts, Romans, and Ottomans at various points. This resulted in a multi-cultural surrounding that is visible every step of the way. You’ll easily find remains of the Roman ruins mixed with churches, mosques, and modern buildings. Besides fascinating architecture and intriguing history, Pecs offers its visitors various galleries and museums, charming landscapes, and unique cuisine.