Top 3 Cities to Visit in South Africa (Besides Cape Town)

North Beach Pier in Durban, South Africa
North Beach Pier in Durban, South Africa. Photo by Captureson Photography on Unsplash

Cape Town holds the title of South Africa’s most-visited city and deservingly so. Great climate, pristine beaches, perfect weather, and an abundance of attractions are just some of the reasons why foreign visitors chose it as their preferred destination.

However, Cape Town shouldn’t be your only stop on tour through South Africa. There are plenty of other cities in the country that will charm you if you give them a chance. Check out some of them below.


In the past, Johannesburg was viewed as a city most people just passed through on their way to other places. Nowadays, Johannesburg is a must-see thanks to its weather, museums, food scene, and shopping opportunities.


If you enjoy green spaces, then you’ll fall in love with Durban. The city is full of nature reserves and Husqvarna Urban Green Space Index even labeled it “the greenest city” in the world in 2020. However, if this doesn’t seal the deal for you, surprising affordability and Durban’s lovely beaches will.

Port Elizabeth

Speaking about beaches, you can find some of the best in South Africa in Port Elizabeth. Surfers particularly enjoy it here thanks to breaks that suit all levels of experience. The city’s other attractions include Donkin Reserve, South End Museum, and the nearby Kragga Kamma Game Park.