Top 3 Countries to Go Diving in Central America

Cayos Cochinos, Honduras
Photo by Carlos Zacapa on Unsplash

Central America is one of the best regions you can visit if you are a diving enthusiast. You will not only have an opportunity to enjoy some stunning underwater views but will also be able to do it on a modest budget. So make sure to consider the following countries when you decide to book your next vacation.


In Honduras, you will have your pick of exciting diving spots, but the most popular ones are situated in the waters surrounding the island of Roatan. Things you will be able to see colorful coral gardens, underwater caves, and various shipwrecks. As a bonus, the island also offers great snorkeling when you are not in the mood to put on the diving equipment.


One of the most famous diving spots in the world is located in Belize. The spectacular Blue Hole, made famous by legendary French naval officer and filmmaker Jacques Cousteau, offers a unique diving experience thanks to clear waters, rich marine life, and unusual formations.


To find the best diving in Nicaragua, you’ll have to leave the inland and head to Corn Islands, located 40 miles from the shore. But the trip is well worth it because you will be greeted with some astonishing diving opportunities. The most prominent one is Blowing Rock, a group of volcanic boulders that provide a home to a large number of exotic sea creatures.