3 Day Trip Destinations in Melbourne

Melbourne day trips
Melbourne, Australia. Photo by Weyne Yew on Unsplash

Day trips allow you to get a new appreciation of the city you’re visiting and fully dive into its surroundings. Australia is especially great for day-tripping, and there are many stunning attractions near its major cities, including Melbourne. Here are three amazing day-trip destinations that you should consider exploring while visiting this city.

Yarra Valley

Wine lovers won’t be disappointed by Melbourne, especially if they step out of the city and discover many vineries it has in store. Yarra Valley is best for this kind of journey, but you don’t have to be obsessed with wine to enjoy it. You can also dive into its beautiful nature and book a hot air balloon ride to see it from up above.

Phillip Island

Another great spot for nature lovers visiting Melbourne, the Phillip Island is located just 140 km southeast of the city. Most tourists visit it to check out the colony of little penguins that inhabit the island and enjoy their sunset parade.

Great Ocean Road

If you love road tripping and going on long rides with scenic views, you should make sure to go down the Great Ocean Road while in Australia. You’ll spot some of the country’s most stunning natural wonders along the way, including the Twelve Apostles.