Top 3 Places to See Amazing Art in Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado, US
Denver, Colorado, US. Photo by Pieter van de Sande on Unsplash

Denver, Colorado, has tons of great art that will make your stay in the Mile High City even better than you expected. You only need to know where to find it. Luckily, we’re here to help you with these top places to see amazing art in Denver.

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum (DAM) is understandably the premier spot to enjoy quality art while in Denver. It has more than 70,000 artworks that are split into 12 permanent collections. DAM is renowned for its American Indian art, but visitors can also see plenty of other note-worthy pieces like Claude Monet’s painting “Path in the Wheat Fields at Pourville” and Camille Pissarro’s work “Autumn, Poplars, Éragny.”

Clyfford Still Museum

Don’t miss a chance to visit Clyfford Still Museum while in Denver because it is really something special. The museum is dedicated to abstract expressionist Clyfford Still and contains 3,125 of his works, which is more than 90% of his life’s work. The exhibits are rotated several times a year, so you will need a few trips to check them all out.

American Museum of Western Art

While Clyfford Still Museum focuses on a single artist, the American Museum of Western Art focuses on a single theme: the American West. The museum’s collection consists of paintings that depict the American West and cover the period from the 19th century to the modern day. The list of works housed in the museum includes Ernest L. Blumenschein’s “The Peacemaker,” Richard Lorenz’s “Burial on the Plains,” and William de Leftwich Dodge’s “The Death of Minnehaha.”