Top 3 Reasons to Visit Bibliotheca Alexandrina While in Egypt

Library of Alexandria in Alexandria City, Egypt.
Library of Alexandria in Alexandria City, Egypt. Image by EvrenKalinbacak/Depositphotos

Alexandria is one of Egypt’s must-see cities, and Bibliotheca Alexandrina alone makes it worth the visit. This cultural institution is keeping the spirit of the legendary Library of Alexandria alive, and here are three reasons you shouldn’t miss it for the world.

Book Lover’s Paradise

Bibliotheca Alexandrina is, first and foremost, a library and it’s truly a heaven on Earth for passionate book lovers. Its main library can hold up to eight million books, but you can also find several specialized libraries and an impressive digital collection on its premises.

Museums and Planetarium

A library isn’t the only cultural institution you’ll find on the grounds of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. There are also four museums you can explore during your visit—the Sadat Museum, the Antiquities Museum, the Manuscripts Museum, and the History of Science Museum. Astronomy lovers should also check out its Planetarium Science Center.

Modern Architecture

You don’t have to step inside the Bibliotheca Alexandrina to be impressed by it. It’s housed in one of Alexandria’s most amazing modern buildings, and its design was supposed to imitate a rising Sun.