Top 3 Spots for Museum Dwellers Visiting Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Eindhoven, Netherlands
Eindhoven, Netherlands. Photo by Vishal on Unsplash

Amazing museums are scattered all around the Netherlands and you don’t even have to head to one of the country’s major cities to find them. Eindhoven may not be one of its most touristy cities, but its museums are top-notch. Here are three that you should consider checking out.

Philips Museum

One of the things that Eindhoven is best known for is its industrial heritage and its home to several museums dedicated to this part of its history. Philips Museum is the most popular attraction of this kind and it explores the impact of this Dutch company in several different spheres, from music and lighting to communications and media.

DAF Museum

Speaking of museums dedicated to Eindhoven’s historical heritage, DAF Museums also falls under that category. If you’re a fan of vintage cars, this museum will be your cup of tea because you can find many of DAF’s vintage trucks and prototype vehicles on display.

Van Abbemuseum

If you want to take a break from industrial museums and explore Eindhoven’s art scene, Van Abbemuseum is the place to be. It’s dedicated to modern and contemporary art and features around 2,700 pieces, including works of art by Pablo Picasso and Wassily Kandinsky.