Top 3 Spots for Nature Lovers Visiting Kuwait City, Kuwait

Kuwait City, Kuwait.
Kuwait City, Kuwait. Photo by Jan Dommerholt on Unsplash

From modern towers and amazing museums to diverse street food and busy markets, Kuwait City, Kuwait has something in store for everyone—including nature lovers. If you want to explore stunning green spaces, beaches, and other natural wonders of Kuwait’s capital, these three are a good place to start.

Al Shaheed Park

No city is complete without a peaceful and specious park and Al Shaheed Park is the very best you’ll find in Kuwait. This contemporary green space is home to everything from walking paths and botanical gardens to restaurants and museums and it’s one of Kuwait City’s most popular landmarks.

Marina Beach

Thanks to its location on the shores of the Persian Gulf, the coastline of Kuwait is filled with countless beaches. Marina Beach is one of the most popular public beaches in Kuwait City, but the private beach at the Marina Hotel is also worth checking out and it offers amazing views of the city.

Green Island

Green Island is the first artificial island, not just in Kuwait, but in the Persian Gulf region as a whole. A water park with a vast picnic area is its most popular attraction, but you can also visit it if you’re in the mood for walking, running, cycling, or simply enjoying epic panoramic views of Kuwait City.